What is the “boost_interprocess” folder in iCloud “Documents”?

While cleaning up old files I’ve found an empty “boost_interprocess” folder in my iCloud “Documents” folder (it’s really empty: checked in Terminal). Any idea what this folder is for – a quick search seems to find a lot of references to this folder in Windows and one answer on Stack Overflow, but I’m mystified as … Read more

QuarkXpress shortcut for adding custom pagination

I’m creating a booklet in QuarkXpress and I have it set up for automatic pagination, but on some of the pages I want to make my own pagination (move to next column or next page). I used to be able to use the shortcut of cmd+option+return and it would do this. Now this doesn’t seem … Read more

Designing shape in InDesign – how to emulate effect from Quark XPress?

This is part of my original document from Quark XPress [Windows demo] (which I am recreating in InDesign, since I’m converting manually for now, I don’t need Q2ID for now, since it’s just a development magazine for testing styles and designs and PDF styles etc.): and this is the original image I based the design … Read more

Is QuarkXpress still relevant for manuscripts and books please? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Is QuarkXpress still relevant? (8 answers) Closed last year. I used QuarkXpress years ago when freelancing on a temporary basis with a local printer/publisher, when I edited manuscripts for local authors and developed the layouts. The version with which I am familiar is Quark 4.1. (A long time ago!) … Read more

Software like InDesign or QuarkXPress to create instructional documents

I’m creating a booklet on teaching programming through examples and exercises. What’s the best software for writing the pages? It’ll be code examples, exercise questions and some diagrams. I’m new to designing and writing an instructional booklet. Would Adobe’s InDesign or QuarkXPress be appropriate for this kind of job? Answer It’s tricky to make a … Read more