Setting up proxy for HTTP client

I’m trying to setup the HTTP client so that it uses a proxy, however I cannot quite understand how to do it. The documentation has multiple reference to “proxy” but none of the functions seem to allow to define the proxy. What I need is something like this: client := &http.Client{} client.SetProxy(“someip:someport”) // pseudo code … Read more

Change the connection pool size for Python’s “requests” module when in Threading

(edit: Perhaps I am wrong in what this error means. Is this indicating that the connection pool at my CLIENT is full? or a connection pool at the SERVER is full and this is the error my client is being given?) I am attempting to make a large number of http requests concurrently using the … Read more

Write in body request with HttpClient

I want to write the body of a request with XML content-type but I don’t know how with HttpClient Object ( ) DefaultHttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient(); HttpPost httpRequest = new HttpPost(this.url); httpRequest.setHeader(“Content-Type”, “application/xml”); And I don’t know how to continue to write the body with my XML … Answer If your xml is … Read more

Throttle and queue up API requests due to per second cap

I’m use mikeal/request to make API calls. One of the API’s I use most frequently (the Shopify API). Recently put out a new call limit, I’m seeing errors like: Exceeded 6.0 calls per second for api client. Slow your requests or contact support for higher limits. I’ve already gotten an upgrade, but regardless of how … Read more

Why can’t browser send gzip request?

If webserver can send gzip response, why can’t browser sent gzip request? Answer The client and server have to agree on how to communicate; part of this is whether the communication can be compressed. HTTP was designed as a request/response model, and the original creation was almost certainly envisioned to always have small requests and … Read more