Macbook air 2012, installed new battery, bottom of trackpad sounds loose/clicky now, ideas?

My other one couldn’t hold a charge well but didn’t look bloated at all to have warped anything in my system. All that was weird that happened was that I lost one of the bottom case screws (small ones), could this cause it? (I could get replacement from amazon). I’m going to go back in … Read more

Canned air and Liquid Submersion Indicator (LSI) Macbook

I think this is more a chemistry stack exchange question but I believe being related to a computer it isn’t well received there. Canned air spray is used to clean dusty internal or external components. Sometimes it has vapor or liquid that comes out in pressure. I wonder if it is able to trigger Liquid … Read more

iPhone 8 proximity sensor not working after display switch

so I’ve changed a splintered display including a new flex-cable with front camera, brightness and proximity sensor of an iPhone 8 for my first time and it is working nearly as wanted… nearly! The proximity sensor does not work anymore but everything else: The front camera, the display, the home button, the automatic setting of … Read more

What harm could come from reassembling the iPhone home button without the “spring contact backing”?

I got a replacement screen for my first-generation iPhone SE, and I followed the iFixit guide to do the replacement. Step 23 of the guide mentions a “spring contact backing” part which is supposed to be screwed in between the home button cable and the screen. The spring contact backing is about 3mm wide and … Read more

MacBook Pro screen appears cracked but it isn’t, and internal drive won’t boot

My MacBook Pro has El Capitan 10.11.6. I have tried Firewire cable between my MacBook Pro and my daughter’s MacBook Pro, starting mine in Target Disk Mode. My MacBook Pro appears on desktop as “Target” but when I ‘open’ the drive, nothing’s there. I purchased software Disk Drill Pro but after 3 attempts at scanning/recovering … Read more