Which font is used for Oakley’s “A Story of Disruption” video?

What might this typeface be? It’s used throughout this video. I’m primarily looking at the ‘A’, ‘V’, and ‘W’. Any similar fonts would be great. Answer I’d say Decima Light: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/tipografiaramis/decima/light/ I just used the font search: http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Joe , Answer Author : jordan.roskelley

Extra emphasis on boldface, sans-serif font, with constraints on colour

I am writing a pdf report. I have the following list. The problem I have is the underline to add extra emphasis. It seems out of fashion to underline for emphasis, though I admit there’s not much more to it than that. However, I’m struggling to devise a better alternative. (The following are just my … Read more

Serif font from Women’s Health article

This is a screenshot taken from a Women’s Health article: I am trying to find the font used here. I tried using Whatthefont, and the ”font matcherator— on FontSpringfont with no luck. Answer This looks like what you were looking for. JosefinSlab-Regular It is free for download here http://www.ffonts.net/Josefin-Slab-SemiBold.font.download AttributionSource : Link , Question Author … Read more

Recognise this Modern Uncial font? [closed]

This question is closed because it does not fulfill our requirements for font-identification questions, critique requests, or style-identificaton questions. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Graphic Design Stack Exchange. Closed 4 years ago. Improve this question When I was in practice back in … Read more

Font Identification – Recent Starbucks Ad

I was wondering if someone could tell me what font this is? This was a coupon Starbucks sent out a few weeks ago for the Caramel Flan Latte. I’m looking for the “Let’s Get Together” lettering. Thanks! Answer That is Estilo Script by DSType: http://www.dstype.com/fonts/estilo-script AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : user20867 , Answer … Read more

What is a good Google Fonts serif typeface for a content website?

the authors on my website insist we use serif typeface as it identifies our purpose. I’ve tried two fonts, Playfair Display and Sanchez, but both have visual problems. I need a very simple, highly readable, and soft on the eyes serif typeface that can be linked from Google Fonts. This is the website with Sanchez … Read more

Identify font in Windows 7 shutdown with updates screen

I’m designing a Windows 7 shutdown with updates screen which resembles the stock Windows 7 screen as close as possible. The stock screen shows a message: “Installing updates. Do not turn off your computer.”, see this (in German): Which font is this? From Identifont I’m assuming it’s Verdana, 21 pt. Can somebody please verify this? … Read more