Illustrator: how to extend a point selection to the full stroke?

Is there a way to extend a point selection to its stroke ? I want to: select a point (magic shortcut ?) have the whole stroke selected Thanks ! Answer Yes, click the anchor point once to select it, then ALT+Click the same point again, to select the entire path. AttributionSource : Link , Question … Read more

Paragraph “space after” shortcut – InDesign

I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut to change spacing before and after paragraphs in InDesign CS6. So far I haven’t been able to find a default shortcut nor to setup a custom one (couldn’t find this item inside the shortcut preferences). Any ideas that don’t involve creating paragraph styles for each spacing value? Answer You … Read more

How do I scroll horizontally through a Sketch canvas like Illustrator does?

In Illustrator you have the very handy CTRL+mouse scroll shortcut to quickly scroll horizontally through your canvas. I want to do the same in Sketch (not necessarily with the same shortcuts). How can I achieve this? Answer I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I find the quickest, most efficient … Read more

Why did my InDesign preview mode background turn black?

I know that you can change the preview mode background color in Preferences>Guides and Pasteboards. When I was working on a document, without going into preferences, my preview mode (shortcut: W) randomly turned black. I am assuming I pressed some keyboard shortcut accidentally or it was a glitch? I went into the Preferences to change … Read more