How can a junior developer switch career path to design while still earning?

Don’t know whether asking this here is right or wrong. But i desperately need an expert’s advice. I always have a very passionate interest in career in Visual effects. I am from a below poor level family. After completing my graduation i was determined to have a career in visual effects graphics and design. But … Read more

Unique opportunities for Electrical Engineers turned into Graphic Designers

If an Electrical Engineering Graduate with no job experience learns and starts doing image Graphic Designing on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc, what unique opportunities in Graphic Design domain could he capture for having a background in Electrical Engineering? In other words, how can he make the best of the both world? Answer I’m a … Read more

What are reasonable market expectations for entry-level graphic designers vs. entry-level web designers?

I am teaching graphic design/multimedia at the college level as well as freelancing on the side. We’ve been discussing among colleagues and wondering what is expected on average for graphic designers and web designers (considering they will all be taking the same classes but some might be more web-inclined). It’s not easy to determine how … Read more

What kind of interview questions should one expect at their first design job interview?

If you were interviewing for your first graphic design position, what kind of questions should you expect? The posting is fairly vague, aside from the assumption of basic design skills. Answer If you’re being asked a lot of software questions, then the position likely isn’t a graphic design position as much as it is a … Read more