User Directory contents lost after Catalina combo update

I was updating the Catalina Combo update, and after a while, the update is still there pending but many of my applications and most importantly All my directories and files in my home directory are lost. I tried to look into the logs but couldn’t able to make any sense. I really appreciate it if … Read more

macOS Big Sur YubiKey Login Freezing

Issue After upgrading to macOS Big Sur’s update on 11/19/20, the login screen freezes intermittently, after entering the YubiKey login pin, requiring the MacBook Pro to be shut down completely and turned on again. The YubiKey issue has been documented from a few sources. Reddit – MacOS Big Sur SmartCard Authentication issues Apple Discussions Stuck … Read more

13″ MacBook Pro mid 2014 no startup key combination works – unable to update or enter recovery mode

I have catalina installed and can’t update to big sur (“update not found / the requested version of macOS is not available) so i wanted to do fresh install from recovery mode but after trying all possible options I can’t get anywhere. any combination of cmd R option/alt shift doesn’t work. the only startup key … Read more

MBP hangs after reboot for Security Update Installation / High Sierra

I have an old macbook pro (late 2011) with High Sierra installed. All was good since I downloaded security update 2020-005 10.13.6. Tried the install, and during reboot the mouse cursor hops in the top left corner, still moveable, but no progress at all. Only hard reboot helps. Machine comes back again, but with every … Read more

What folders can I delete from Mac’s “Updates” folder?

I have currently run out of space on my mac for any new updates. I’ve been using OmniDiskSweeper to find the culprits of my space issue, and I found that Library/Updates is taking up 19.1GB, so I’m wondering if there’s any chance I can safely remove some of these subfolders. Included below are screenshots of … Read more

MacBook Air 2015; Login and recovery mode failed

I’ve been having problems with my MacBook Air (Early 2015). Since installing an update to 10.13.6 (From 10.13.3, I believe) the computer freezes once the progress bar fills up on the login screen. Rebooting has not resolved the issue. I have tried to enter safe mode and recovery mode (Command-R); the result is the same, … Read more

iCloud Drive sync breaks when new security update comes out?

I have noticed (it happened a second time now) that when a security update shows up in System Preferences the iCloud Drive doesn’t upload anymore (probably download is affected too, but I didn’t test). I’ve tried killall bird, but it didn’t work. After I updated the system (Catalina) to the latest security update it synced … Read more