Notification Center: Sparrow notifications not removed automatically

Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, Sparrow (email client) places notifcations in Notification Center. I’m happy enough with that but when I read the email in Sparrow, the notification remains in Notification Center until I manually remove it which is a pain. Does anyone know why? Could it be on the Sparrow side not sending the … Read more

Keyboard layout not usable in all programs

I have used Ukelele to create a keyboard layout file (foo.keylayout) that lives in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. I used a US english layout as a base and have added some keymappings that let me type æøå (Norwegian characters) by pressing the left alt/option key and the ‘, ; and [ keys, plus some other symbols I … Read more

Offline Use of Sparrow

I have a ton of mail to catch up on and a flight coming up. Does Sparrow (for Mac, not iOS) support an “offline” mode? If I read, respond to, label, and archive GMail messages on Sparrow while unconnected to the internet, will Sparrow correctly “sync up” to GMail once an internet connection is re-established? … Read more

Why did the Sparrow dock icon stop bouncing on launch?

The Sparrow mail app icon had been bouncing fine on launching the app till a few days ago but has stopped doing so recently. Any reasons why it might be so? I miss the bouncing dock icon. Answer This is mentioned in the release notes for 1.0.1: Be aware that implementing the ‘Menu bar only’ … Read more

Sparrow over a SSH-tunnel

Is it possible to use Sparrow over a SSH-tunnel since the imap and ssl ports are blocked at my work? Answer I think your basic strategy is correct, e.g.: ssh -L -L user@yourremotehost should get you talking to Gmail via yourremote host. Potential problems are if you do not run this as root … Read more

How can I use Sparrow to send iCal e-mail notifications instead of

I am really annoyed how iCal uses to try to send e-mail notifications. It always pops up and I do not want it to at all. How can I make iCal use Sparrow instead to send e-mail notifications/reminders? I tried this: But that didn’t work for some reason. Answer There is a … Read more