Speaker and camera of my MacBook Air aren’t working after installing windows

Yesterday I installed Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air on the partition that contained macOS, so the only OS that exists on my laptop is windows. With addition I had also installed BootCamp drivers on it. But there still exists a problem with the camera, speakers and tilde and ash keys. When I opened my … Read more

Crackling/Popping Right Speaker on Mid 2015 15″ Macbook Pro

I’ve only began experiencing this issue this morning, I first noticed it at around 4 AM. Its 1 PM now. What I’ve done so far: Reset PRAM & SMC Switched Left & Right Speakers. The right speaker was consistently the one that popped, which makes me wonder why both the macbook speaker and logitech speaker … Read more

MacBook Air 2017 internal speakers and headphones sound fluctuating – hardware or software issue?

Problem: My MacBook Air 2017 (OS Mojave) internal speaker is emitting barely audible audio even at max volume. When headphones are plugged in, at times the audio suddenly becomes clear of its own accord and at other times does not work at all. I had Ubuntu installed for a while (single boot) but then switched … Read more

Macbook’s speakers “pop” when entering stand-by mode

On my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017) I have noticed a problem with popping sound. It happens both on running on AC adapter and battery: Macbook makes light pop sound (like from static electricity) from left or right speaker (this is random) after stopping playback of any audio – when speakers enter stand-by mode (turn off). … Read more

iPhone XR’s screen triggers other devices

Recently I bought a brand new iPhone XR. When its screen is activated by some application (not necessarily a GSM call or a Wi-Fi thing), it affects other speakers or headphones around it. All of them sounds exact same 4 “buff” like sounds consecutively. It reminds me of the way old mobile phones affected the … Read more

Sound output set to headphones and most comes through them, but some sounds (e.g. alert sounds) come from internal speakers

I have bluetooth headphones I use on my macbook pro (2017 13″, 10.15.6). I don’t recall this problem happening before, but over the course of the past couple of weeks (very rough approx – clould be less, could be more) I’ve noticed that I often hear the system alert sounds through the internal speakers. For … Read more

iPhone does not ring through speaker with headphones connected

iPhone 11, iOS 14.1. When the Bluetooth headphones are connected, the phone only rings through them, which means if I take the headphones off I can’t hear the phone ring. I’m hard of hearing, so I keep the headphones connected so I can hear people on the phone. However, it’s very uncomfortable and profoundly difficult … Read more