What is the name of this category of visual artwork? Is this pop art?

There is a style of artwork that I want to learn to create. It abstracts away most detail, but it is not really abstract art. It has a lot in common visually with vector illustrations, but some of the examples I see are created using markers, acrylics, and other physical approaches (as opposed to digital). … Read more

What is this arrangment of elements in broadcast news called?

I am searching for the name of an arrangement typically used in news-broadcast designs, exemplified below (Terror in Boston, with rectangle above). In French we call these mortaise, but I cannot find the English term for it. Answer Although a naming convention for Television News Graphical Layout might exist, the names for those kind of … Read more

Is there a name for the Windows 10 kind of design?

The design used in Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps is one used in a lot of modern interfaces. So like how there are many types of designs, from the day of Swiss and Bauhaus to this day of material and flat design — what is this design called? Some attributes to make my question … Read more

What is this style of illustration from the 50’s and 60’s?

Does anyone know what style/category this type of illustration falls under, and any tips on where to learn more about this would be appreciated. Answer That looks like mid-century modern style or mid-mod for short. It is characterized by quirky angular characters, cartoon eyes, and bold vintage colors. Some Hanna-Barbera material is similar such as … Read more