How can I add grain or noise to a picture like this one?

Can anyone tell me about the process behind the effect in this picture. Answer Here’s a fully non-destructive way to create something similar using Photoshop. The beauty of this approach is that you can adjust the filters (or even remove them) if you don’t like the result, without doing the whole edit again. Right click … Read more

How is this type of grain/noise effect made?

I’ve spent the morning playing with noise in both illustrator and photoshop, blending layers and testing various grain textures – trying to get close to this type of superbly fine but crisp noise but it ain’t working – the black noise in many places (see the teeth and lips) boggles me. Is anyone here that … Read more

Any tips or ideas on how to design this optical art that only uses orthogonal lines?

I am just experimenting on new techniques and op art was something that always pique my interest. Any idea on where to start or how to even get the lines to aligned like this? Source: H.P. Lovecraft, l’expo qui rend fou by Swiss design firm Notter + Vigne ( Answer I’m not going to do … Read more

Mapping a 2d image to a pseudo 3d

Hi I am unsure what to call this technique that Live2D uses and I wanted get some more information about it. Here’s a video: You can see how they add the 2D textures then they can give it a pseudo 3d effect like turning the head and having the face and stuff move somewhat … Read more

Is there an easy way to see whether an image needs “amount” or “radius” values adjusted, in Photoshop’s “Unsharpen Mask”?

I’m touching up photos for analysis, so they need to be as true to the original as possible (including when zoomed), but sharpened (anything from slightly to greatly) to bring out whatever textures, features and edges are possible. The originals might be faded, in poor lighting, soft focused, or lower-resolution so there’s any number of … Read more

How do you invert the colors in a stencil drawing so that the result looks otherwise identical to the original?

I have a stencil image of Karl Marx. The subject is mostly white on a black background. However, I would like to create another version of it where the subject is black on a white background. I thought that simply inverting the colors would do the trick, but it ends up looking terrible (see below) … Read more

What techniques or tools are used to create this kind of line art?

I like this style of line art: It looks fairly straightforward to make in Illustrator, but I notice that the lines have a subtle imperfection that makes it look more natural. They aren’t uniform in width (especially visible in the trees), and there’s some texture to them. Is this a brush or is it some … Read more