What is this practice called in JavaScript?

When you wrap your JavaScript code in a function like this: (function(){ var field = …; function doSomthing(){… … })(); I noticed that this fixes scoping problems for me on a lot of web pages. What is this practice called? Answer The pattern is called self-invocation, a self-invoking function. It can create a closure, but … Read more

What’s this UI pattern called?

I’m trying to figure out what this sort of thing is called, and eventually how I can create one in a web browser. It looks like this (screenshot of the first app that came to mind): The specific component/pattern I’m looking for is the two list boxes (“Included Gear” and “Excluded Gear”) that represent inclusion/exclusion … Read more

What is object marshalling?

I have heard this concept used frequently, but I don’t have a really good grasp of what it is. Answer Converting an object in memory into a format that can be written to disk, or sent over the wire, etc. Wikipedia’s description. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Brian G , Answer Author : … Read more

Perfect forwarding – what’s it all about? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Closed 9 years ago. The community reviewed whether to reopen this question 3 months ago and left it closed: Original close reason(s) were not resolved Possible Duplicate: Advantages of using forward Could someone please explain to me what perfect forwarding is about? Answer http://www.justsoftwaresolutions.co.uk/cplusplus/rvalue_references_and_perfect_forwarding.html Why is this useful? Well, … Read more