Can I serve JSPs from inside a JAR in lib, or is there a workaround?

I have a web application deployed as a WAR file in Tomcat 7. The application is build as a multi-module project: core – packaged as JAR, contains most of the backend code core-api – packaged as JAR, contains interfaces toward core webapp – packaged as WAR, contains frontend code and depends on core customer-extensions – … Read more

Why would I use a templating engine? jsp include and jstl vs tiles, freemarker, velocity, sitemesh

I’m about to choose to way to organize my view (with spring-mvc, but that shouldn’t matter much) There are 6 options as far as I see (though they are not mutually exclusive): Tiles Sitemesh Freemarker Velocity <jsp:include> <%@ include file=”..”> Tiles and Sitemesh can be grouped; so can Freemarker and Velocity. Which one within each … Read more

How to Create Grid/Tile View? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: CSS-only masonry layout (4 answers) Closed 1 year ago. For example, I have some class .article, and I want to view this class as grid view. So I applied this style: .article{ width:100px; height:100px; background:#333; float:left; margin:5px; } That style will make the .article look tiled/grid. It’s work fine … Read more

Constructing a tile from 4 pieces – to create single entity of adjacent letters in a word game

I work an a Scrabble-like word game for Android, where yellow translucent letter tiles are placed on a white game board: I don’t want to to use boring rectangle tiles – and at the same time can not make my game too complicated… so I have come up with the following graphical assets (created with … Read more

How could I simplify a pattern tile with A LOT of repeated mini squares?

I’m designing a nonwoven fabric (the panels size will be 69″x92″). The repeat tile measures 21″x21″ and I need to repeat mini squares that measure 1/32″ each. Above the layers containing these mini squares, the pattern tile will have other elements. I designed the squares and then repeated them using Effect –> Distort&Transform –> Transform. … Read more

Where can I find a good repository of semi-transparent tiles for web?

I have been looking frequently for a site, a service that provides a repository of semi-transparent tiling backgrounds. I’ve found some grain generators, but I would like some more things that I could use for effects like; etchings, smoke, blur, rust or dirt. I love these kind of background tiles as it can really add … Read more