Photoshop’s “Snapshot” equivalent in Illustrator?

What is equivalent functionality to Photoshop’s Snapshot in Illustrator? There is no History panel in Illustrator that I know of. If nothing of sorts exist, what is a good approach to save multiple views of your assets and quickly switch between them when you need to showcase them without duplicating assets across multiple artboards? Answer … Read more

What are the tool kits used for making designs like those on dribble

I saw some jaw-dropping designs at Dribble and Behance. Can someone give the idea about tool kits required to make such beautiful things ? Are there actually competitive free alternatives available ? I have been using GIMP, but not able to figure out if it actually possible to make such good designs with it. Edit: … Read more

Tool for UI Designer where you can see distances between elements

I am creating tons of pixel-perfect views for static websites. My front-end developers losses their times figuring out distances between related divs, images, etc (using Paint). What I want to achieve is to automate this process and generate an output file when you can easily see those distances just like in CAD software. Sketch has … Read more

What are the differences between the Wacom Intuos 3 and 4 graphics tablets?

For the Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, are there significant functional differences between the current model (4) and the previous model? Does the newer one have additional features or design improvements? Answer Significant or not really depends on the user but the intuos4 certainly has changed a bit since its previous version. increased sensibility (2048 levels … Read more