maintaining stroke proportions along length of a curved path in Illustrator

I’m attempting in Illustrator to generate a series of images with 6 elements and to maintain their proportions along straight and curved paths. I have a path that represents a segment of an ellipse, and I’ve retrieved the length of the curved path from Document Info and calculated the length of each element in proportion … Read more

Unable to achieve long shadow effect in Illustrator [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How would I replicate this long shadow image? [duplicate] (1 answer) Closed 7 years ago. I have read several guides on how to achieve the Long Shadow effect using Illustrator, I tried both using the Transform Effect and Blend Modes, however I fail achieve it using both. When … Read more

Illustrator CS6 – Can’t Find the NON-Perspective Free Transform

So, in Illustrator, there’s a tool called the free-transform tool (shortcut is E), and while stretching an object, by holding control, it changes to the perspective stretch (allowing me to pull just one corner). The perspective stretch is sometimes neat, but I don’t always want it. Sometimes I just want a generic stretch. But I … Read more

There is no bounding box around line in Illustrator CC 2017

I’ve recently started to use Illustrator CC 2017 (so far I used CS5). I noticed that line object doesn’t have a classic “4 node” bounding box as earlier, just “two nodes”. It allows rotation, but not scale of the line. I can grab one anchor and hold ALT so the transformation is around center, but … Read more

Rotate Tool keeps rotating the specified path as well in Adobe Illustrator

Trying to use the Rotate Tool to move a rectangle AROUND a circle. Instead both the rectangle and circle rotate. How do I stop this from moving? The circle should be fixed in its position. Before Rotate Tool: Expected Result: Actual Result: Answer The cause of problem is Handle It seems you didn’t centralized your … Read more

How do I transform images to specific image dimensions without distortion?

I need to resize images to given width/length, but when I do this in photoshop my images come out warped looking. What should I do? Answer Simple answer is you don’t. You can not change the width and height of an image by transformation without warping the image unless you transform proportionally. If you need … Read more

SVG order of transforms

Does the order of transform functions matter in SVG transform? For instance if i want to scale a shape but preserving the original coordinates specified in it’s translate, would it help to first translate and then scale: transform=”translate(100 100) scale(0.5)” will change the size but not the 100 100 placement, wheras transform=”scale(0.5) translate(100 100)” does … Read more

How to make this clean hex shape with complex shape inside it?

How to make this hexagonal shape with complex geometrical shape inside it? I try to make this with this shape I experiment with transform effect for 2 hours still have no idea how to make this. Thank you :((( Answer Draw your basic triskelion shape, as you have in your second image; Copy it, but … Read more