Is HelveticaNeue a good web/e-mail typeface if it can successfully embedded? [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 6 years ago. Improve this question I need to send some professional/commercial e-mails, my design currently look like this: Helvetica is very … Read more

Custom kerning of an existing typeface?

I’m a designer working with developers to create a mobile app. A central part of the app involves showing the number “100” as a central element of focus. Unfortunately, the font we’re using has extremely wide kerning after the character “1”, making it look more like “1 00”. Tighter tracking would be easy to apply, … Read more

Optical adjustment guidelines for typographic curvature

When designing a geometric sans, such as Futura, do you adjust the thickness of a circular arc for a better visual match to a straight stroke? I’m hoping for a formula like “a circular arc of inner radius r and outer radius R will seem as thick as a straight stroke of thickness f(r,R)”; maybe … Read more

Should I be concerned about optimal font size for a particular font

I am aware that certain fonts, are designed for use at certain sizes, at least in the physical print world. They make uses of things like Ink Traps to prevent running. With type for the digital world, I believe I have read that some OpenType fonts contain different glyphs for use at different sizes. (I … Read more