Add files to an Xcode project from a script?

Right now I’m using a few scripts to generate files that I’m including as resources in Xcode. The thing is I’m running the script, then deleting from the project, then adding back into the project. There must be a way to automate this last step, so that the script can generate the files and automatically … Read more

Application loader stuck at the stage of “Verifying assets with the iTunes Store”

I was about to upload an app to iTunes connect, but the application loader has been stuck at the stage of “Verifying assets with the iTunes Store” and pending for almost an hour. Network is fine and I have never seen this before.Has anybody encountered this kind of issue? what is the solution?thanks in advance. … Read more

Suppressing “‘…’ is deprecated” when using respondsToSelector

I’m supporting 10.4+ by picking the most-current API at runtime: if ([fileManager respondsToSelector:@selector(removeItemAtPath:error:)]) [fileManager removeItemAtPath:downloadDir error:NULL]; else [fileManager removeFileAtPath:downloadDir handler:nil]; In this case, 10.5 and up will use removeItemAtPath:error: and 10.4 will use removeFileAtPath:handler:. Great, but I still get compiler warnings for the old methods: warning: ‘removeFileAtPath:handler:’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations] Is there a syntax of … Read more

Programmatically Linking UIPageControl to UIScrollView

I am making a simple slideshow view within my app. I’d like to link my UIPageControl to my UIScrollView. This shouldn’t be too difficult, but I haven’t been able to find a simple solution anywhere. Below is my code. HelpViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface HelpViewController : UIViewController{ } @end HelpViewController.m #import “HelpViewController.h” @interface HelpViewController () @end … Read more

error: Unable to resolve build file: XCBCore.BuildFile

error: Unable to resolve build file: XCBCore.BuildFile (missingTargetProductReference(“3bf83096e50de72a94699e9afc1133ebe3512682230d04680075c283a974e273”)) (in target ‘MyTarget’) Xcode 10 is giving this error immediately when trying to build our project. It’s not immediately clear what is causing it. How can I resolve it? Answer For XCode 10 Beta: Problem occurs when I have two workspaces open that share the same project … Read more

Getting Framework related warning in Xcode 7.0

error I’m receiving is this directory not found for option ‘-F/Applications/’ I have no idea why this is coming is this related to framework ? Answer I get rid of these by finding the target(s) that generated the error, then removing/deleting the (odd) path in the “Framework Search Paths” build setting: AttributionSource : Link , … Read more