Taking color from another object in Adobe Illustrator

I’m using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CC. I’m on a PC running Win 8.1 with Classic Shell.

How do I copy a color from one object to another? It’s a word, (text converted to path). I’ve read a few answers here and on other forums but things were left out… or their method just didn’t work for me, or I just couldn’t understand what they were saying.

I’m visually impaired, super-dyslexic, and an Aspergers person!!! So could you be very detailed… and if possible, give me a step by step answer. I have trouble with things implied. Talk to me as if I were a 386 PC.


Select the object you want to transfer the color to, then click the i key on your keyboard to access the eyedropper tool. Now click with the eyedropper tool on the object you want to copy the color from.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr.Mag00 , Answer Author : oscarpas

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