Tamil fonts not properly rendering Illustrator CC

I have this in MS Word (which I copied from google transliterator)

enter image description here

And when I paste it in illustrator, it get

enter image description here

I could paste the same anywhere else, such as Notepad, Web, and many other apps and get it perfectly rendered:

enter image description here

I searched in google and got to know about the language options

enter image description here

but I changed those options and found no difference except that I get a few extra options Insert Aki (Left), Insert Aki (Right) and Tsume, and playing with those options is not helping…!

And I have tried with multiple fonts: the ones that only support Tamil such as Akarathi and dual encoded fonts like Nirmala UI, SaiIndira, etc.,

I get problems only when pasted inside Illustrator

How do I get them rendered properly?

EDIT: I have also tried as discussed in Adobe Forums. Converted to PDF and opened it in illustrator. And many chars get converted to lines (expanded and not editable)…!

enter image description here


Edit > Preferences > Type > Choose Text Engine Options
enter image description here

Thanks to Photoshop: the information “Changes will take effect” was not given in Illustrator, I restarted Illustrator with Show Indic Options ticked and everything worked like charm.

Note: If you save a document with old distorted tamil texts and open it again after changing the options, it will be of no use. You would need to replace the text copying the original text.

Source : Link , Question Author : Saravanabalagi Ramachandran , Answer Author : Community

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