Technical name of a particular fountain pen font

Kind users, I’ve been trying for two hours to identify a font using the various online tools that can be used in LaTeX but I failed. I don’t know if it’s even a commercial font.

The k that I highlighted with the rectangle color orange, to do a more accurate search, has a very specific name (eg. calligraphic or stylographic + name)? Could someone give me an indication how to direct me for a more targeted search? Thank you all.

enter image description here

The link of the image is: and it is visible also in the related question here:


As by comment of the best user @Bill Kerr I adding the site of the links where I have tried to identify the fonts:



This isn’t using the standard TeX Computer Modern font family: it seems to be some kind of Garamond. My guess is that this is either EB Garamond 12, or Adobe Garamond, or Adobe Garamond Premier, all of which have a standard default italic ‘k’ that looks just like this.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sebastiano , Answer Author : Copilot

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