Techniques to draw tasteful lines and border in Photoshop

When I draw lines or borders in Photoshop for my web design work, they are usually not beautiful and seem to me to not be aesthetically appealing. I don’t know why, as drawing a line seems to be a very easy concept. I mean it shouldn’t matter who how draws a line. A line or a border is a simple thing. But I really see that lines and borders in many websites are more beautiful than my lines and borders.

Is there any special technique I should know while drawing lines and borders in Photoshop, to make them beautiful?


In my experience, one of the main reasons a border looks ugly is it’s too heavy. “Heavy” is created by thickness, of course, but also by too much contrast. A black line on a white background must be thinner than a light grey line to avoid looking too severe (unless you’re trying for the “prison camp” look).

Another reason that a border (or a rule) will seem wrong is if it is almost-but-not-quite the same weight as the text on a page. If your text characters are one pixel thick, your rule should be the same.

Finally, the number one reason a border looks ugly is it’s unnecessary. It’s almost a hallmark of untrained design to stick boxes around everything. In 99% of cases, like explaining a joke, they are redundant.

The borders on this page are thin, light, and usefully define the space.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fatemeh Izadpanah , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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