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I have my brand website that has 250+ same products, but all have different designs. Basically they all are phone cases, and have designs. I wanted to centralise my system of testimonials/reviews that has to be displayed on all of the product pages.

Basically, it’ll be something like 1000+ product reviews inside every product page, and I want the user to be able to input his/her review later-on.

Please can someone guide me through on what should be the best possible way for this?

Basically, displaying testimonials/reviews will help in better conversion, and is why my thought is stuck there.

Maybe something like a different section of Testimonials in the wp-admin, can help in posting the testimonials, and that will get displayed on every product? As well as a star rating on 5 would help.

Would be glad if someone can assist me with that.



The most frequent approach would be to create a new “review” or “testimonial” Custom Post Type (“CPT”) with a plugin or in your theme‘s functions.php file (or a new child theme‘s functons.php file, if your current theme is not custom-built), and then alter your product page template to use a secondary loop to display your new reviews/testimonials.

All of the documentation I have linked should be enough to get you where you want to go, but there are also a large selection of tutorials available around the ‘net.

Source : Link , Question Author : aneeshjajodia , Answer Author : bosco

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