Text disappears when turned to white on colored artboard

I’m pretty new at Illustrator but I changed the color of the artboard (using File > Document Settings) to a teal color and wanted some white text ontop of it.

When I add black text, no problem:
enter image description here

But when I change that text to white, it completely disappears! Here are the options I’m using to make it white:
enter image description here

The text is definitely on its own layer, above the background layer, so no problems there. I feel like it might be an opacity problem, because if I change the text to bright red for example, it appears to mix with the teal to make a dark brown color rather than appearing the color it’s supposed to:
enter image description here

Apologies if this is a real rookie question, I would love to just get white text and white fill for my closed paths to appear on the teal!

Thank you so much 🙂


Not a rookie question. Many veterans are caught by this…..

White can overprint in many Adobe applications. According to Adobe this is specifically done so that gradients or (some other) objects appear correctly. However, it often causes issues in printing.

Check the Attributes Panel and ensure the white is not set to overprint.

If you’re using the Simulate Color Paper option in the document set up, don’t. Draw a colored box on a layer and lock it, then delete that layer before production. (Or just set the colored background to “non-printing” – but that won’t make white ink work.)

If you intend to actually print white ink . . .

You’ll need to create a spot swatch for it, you can’t use the “White” swatch in Illustrator because the swatch basically means “stock color” not “white ink”.

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