Text get all messed up in small dimensions in photoshop

I am trying to learn the correct way to import bmp to a Nintendo Nes tile editors , all the settings seems identical with tile editors :

width : 72 px
height : 8 px
Resolution : 8 px
Color Mode : RGB 8 bit
Background Contents : Black
Color Profile : Don’t Color Manage This document
Pixel Aspect Ratio : Square Pixels

I work at zoom 1000% and gives this :

enter image description here

When I zoom out to original size 100% it gives this :
enter image description here

And this is the best result I had , I almost get more creepy text.

And I have to save it to exact resolution , cause all tile editors import images and don’t resize them.

IS there any solution ? thank you


There’s an anti aliasing text rendering option in Character panel that I think in your case it have been set on “None” option, change it to “Crisp” or “Smooth” when your text layer’s selected.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Superdinary , Answer Author : S a j a D

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