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I have some text that came with a file, and I increased the size of text thereby hiding some of the text. I have used the direct selection tool on some text, and chosen the little white box, which I believe is the anchor, and stretched it making the whole word visible. However, this does not work on some text which is curved (see example, mising ‘egal’). There is no white box anchor. Adding anchors does not help. Am I doing some thing wrong? I also cannot rotate those same words using the rotate tool, but I can with the Free transform tool (if that helps?). Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

No anchor points


It looks like your text has been written on an existing path with the ‘Type on a Path Tool’.

enter image description here

Any text that doesn’t fit on that path will overflow and be hidden—as you can see.

If you want to edit the path, you need to adjust the path the text was written on not the bounding box of the text object. I’ve highlighted the path and end anchor points here:

enter image description here

It may be easier to select all the text on the path, copy, draw a new path and paste the text on to that path with the ‘Type on a Path Tool’.

UPDATE: It seems that if the start or end handles of the text on a path are directly over the anchor points of the path you cannot select the anchor points. To get around this, without anything selected use the direct selection tool and hover over the path, you should then be able to select the path and edit its anchor points.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jim , Answer Author : Cai

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