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I have an old Freehand file I have imported to Illustrator cs4 and then open and save with Illustrator cs6.

In Illustrator cs6 most of the text boxes have problems. The text overflows the text boxes, I mean that part of the text cannot be seen. For instance logos are without the last letter. If I adjust the text boxes the text changes. It behaves like a point text (but as far I understand, in point text the text fits inside automatically)

The only solution I find is to type (or copy-paste) everything again in Illustrator with point text or area text, it does not matter. But it is a lot of work. Is there any other solution?


I recently converted 40 old FreeHand 3 files to Illustrator CC-2014. Since FreeHandMX can’t open these natively, I had to use FreeHand 8 (via Sheepshaver.) I was then able to open these directly into AI using this new converter plugin: FreeHand Interface Plugin

I also exported the FreeHand 8 files from FHMX as a PDF, and there is a difference in text handling. Both ways worked but you might experiment to see which is best. However, the text was still “live editable” in both cases.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nrc , Answer Author : maeric

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