Text in my Photoshop image looks “blurry”

I am creating a website header in Photoshop CS5, however when I look at it, the text looks very blurry and I have no idea why.

I use the Web preset. What do you recommend for the sharpest and best results?

Here’s the current mockup:



By default, Photoshop applies some anti-aliasing to the text layers. Alex has provided a nice comparison in another question:


The anti-aliasing options are available on the toolbar and in the Character window:

anti-aliasing options

NB: if you are planning to use the text layers as regular (HTML) text in the final product, the browsers most probably will render the text differently than Photoshop does. More info on this you can find on the same “Font (anti)aliasing in Photoshop” question mentioned.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeff , Answer Author : Community

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