Texturing a less than perfect object in photoshop/Affinty Photo

I am not a photoshopper, but I have been given a task to make a mockup for a customer. Basically, I have to take the texture from one bag, and apply it to another, without it looking awful. Bellow is the base bag.

Base Bag image

As you can see, it’s got a texture and from what I have seen on various tutorials, this will make things like displacement maps a bit of a hassle.

The texture I have been asked to use is bellow
bag texture

Things tried

  • So far I have tried playing with a displacement map

  • Creating a texture brush and painting in the sections.

  • I have also tried to scrub the texture off, and have it as a sort of negative, to then apply the texture in.

I will admit up front, I don’t fully understand the process of things like photoshop, so there could be a really simple way for me to do this, and I am simply missing it. I am more comfortable around vectors.

I ask for help, as I am likely to be given similar jobs like this in the future, and want to learn and understand the technique associated with something like this




Using just a small part of the new texture:

enter image description here

  • Menu Edit > Define Pattern


  • At the New Bag file, duplicate the Bag Layer
  • Make a selection of the New Bag fabric
  • Menu Image > Adjustments > Desaturate


  • Using this selection > Make a Mask


  • Click twice the layer to apply a Layer Effect > Choose Pattern Overlay > Use the New Pattern, mode= Darker Color

Pattern Overlay



With 75% Pattern Overlay opacity

75% Pattern Overlay

Source : Link , Question Author : user980071 , Answer Author : Community

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