The effectiveness of the hamburger menu in 2016

How effective would other professionals rate a hamburger menu on its own. Is it necessary to have a menu which is 100% visible and doesn’t need a click to be shown. I intend on using the answers here to determine my future projects.

Please note I am talking about mobile / tablet sites. I believe menus shouldn’t be hidden in desktop sites.

Here is an example of a mockup I made for my site which is in construction.

enter image description here


I think the hambuerger menu is recognizable by the vast majority of users nowadays, when in the right context.

In your example, I do not think it is obvious. I usually expect to see the icon for expanding a menu, whether it be a hamburger icon, three vertical dots or a “menu” link on the top right edge of the screen, possibly the left top. But there in the middle it makes me think it’s a control to drag/resize the top part. Adding the word “menu” or making it look more clickable would certainly also help.

Source : Link , Question Author : Max Power , Answer Author : spiral

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