The graphic design theory behind the landing page

Today most of the landing pages are using common pattern like following

  • Navigation bar section
  • Full width section with scrolling images
  • Three small sections with feature images
  • Contact details

Is there any design theory behind this?
How to organise a good design to the landing page?


Blame the grid frameworks like and Bootstrap. They made it very easy to build this exact layout:

enter image description here

These frameworks solved a lot of the problems of CSS layout, and made it easy for web developers / designers to create structured, grid based site that were comfortable, familiar and easy to use.

Theme sites then started selling variations of pre-made versions of this kind of layout and made it painless for even the average Joe or Jane to use. This generic design pattern just became the de facto view most people associate with “a website” these days.

Twitter user @jongold‘s tweet sums this up pretty succinctly:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Buzz , Answer Author : TunaMaxx

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