There are invisible blue boxes on my artworks that I can’t delete them in Illustrator CC 2018!

EDIT: I figured out what happened. Somehow I got a jpg on my artboard and accidentally hide it. So they are not visible at all. They are duplicated every time I duplicated a artboard, so that’s why my file size is so big. Still don’t remember when did I got that jpg in.

blue boxes show up when moving arboard.

Somehow I got those blue boxes on my artwork. They are only visible when moving artboard. If I just selected the artworks themselves, the blue boxes won’t show up. If I duplicate the artworks, the blue boxes are duplicated too. So they make my illustrator file really big. Does anyone have any idea of how to get rid off those blue boxes? Thanks!

no blue boxes when selecting artwork.


Assuming you are opening an SVG file from some unknown source….

Color filled SVG type can do that at times. It can generate raster image fills with vector clipping masks for some SVG files.

Not certain why it happens, but I’ve seen it related to type within some SVG files and how they are saved (or what may be saving them).

Removing them can be easy or difficult depending upon the actual file. I generally use the Links Panel to see if it’s just a bunch of raster images. If so, the raster images can be selected and deleted via the Links Panel (you lose the fill colors). Then you generally have to release clipping masks and refill the “hollow” paths left behind with appropriate colors to match what the raster images were doing.

Source : Link , Question Author : lucky13820 , Answer Author : Scott

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