There is no bounding box around line in Illustrator CC 2017

I’ve recently started to use Illustrator CC 2017 (so far I used CS5).

I noticed that line object doesn’t have a classic “4 node” bounding box as earlier, just “two nodes”. It allows rotation, but not scale of the line. I can grab one anchor and hold ALT so the transformation is around center, but that way I can’t be sure that angle is retained. Earlier I would hold ALT+SHIFT, but now SHIFT just locks 45/90 angle.

I could use scale tool (around center, holding SHIFT), but old bounding box was more elegant and faster solution 🙂 Am I missing something?Here is screenshot


If the reason for wanting the handles is so that you can shorten / lengthen straight lines while retaining the original angle then this can be achieved by turning on Smart Guides. Grabbing either end of the line will bring up a smart guide that shows you when you are retaining the angle. It pops up with the ‘Line Extension’ Smart Guide label.

Hope that helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jazzigula , Answer Author : Westside

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