TimeMachine backup to shared windows drive via SMB?

I am trying to figure out how to reliably back up my 2013 MacBook pro to my Windows 7 desktop, living on the same network. The Windows machine is hardwired and the MacBook is connected via WiFi.

  • The windows PC has a shared folder, named “MBP-TimeMachine”.
  • I created a TimeMachine.sparsebundle disk image on my MacBook Pro and copied it over to the “MBP-TimeMachine” directory.
  • Using the app AutoMounter, I have my MacBook successfully connecting to my Windows share on login.

I can get the image mounted, and time machine detects it, but when I begin backup, it gets to ~400-500mb backed up before the image just randomly unmounts and I’m not sure why?

Any tips on why the image seems to unmount? Is there a better/easier/more reliable way to accomplish this?

EDIT: this is the guide I followed for configuring the network share / image. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/turn-nas-windows-share-time-machine-backup/


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