Tips for creating a mosaic of one photo from a set of photos

I want to create a mosaic from a set of photos I already have that will give me another photo. So a set of architecture photos that will give me a big photo of it’s creator (the architect). The result for me would be a big print, at least one meter (40″) across. Ideally, each tile would be discernible, so you could say: that’s a bridge.

I thought it would be easy (or easier), but it’s not. I’m using MacOSaiX (a program for doing this), but I’m not limited to a Mac, so Windows software is okay too.

The problems that I’m having
the larger picture is not as obvious as I’d like it to be,
the set of photos has to be quite large,
the portrait of the architect has few different colors (skin, hair, shirt and background) and these are usually not present in photos (you don’t see green architecture that often :)).

I have thought of going with black and white, or maybe coloring a subset of photos to match individual colors, but this would take lots of time.

Any tips? Is there better program? Any tips to automate some of the subtasks? Other tips?


Here is a possible solution if you are open to using Photoshop. Assemble the “grid” of architecture photographs first, in any arrangement, and merge them into one layer. Either convert that layer to grayscale or turn down the saturation. Then, take the photo of the architect, paste it into a layer above the first one, and change the blending mode to “overlay”. This will recolor the artwork below the photo with the colors of that photo.

To put more emphasis on the background, you can turn down the opacity of the architect’s picture. To put more emphasis on the architect, you can duplicate the layer containing his picture, change the blending mode on this new layer to “normal”, and adjust the opacity to taste. I hope that you find this helpful!

Source : Link , Question Author : duality_ , Answer Author : Drakel

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