Tips for creating and editing paths in Illustrator

I’m new to Adobe Illustrator, but I have used extensively Inkscape. While I recognize that Illustrator is vastly superior in many fronts, I feel a bit of a lag due to the need to use three or four different tools for creating and editing paths. I also find the handles extremely small.

So, I would like to ask for tips or advice, or even links, to how to deal with the (perhaps just perceived) extra difficulty in editing paths on Illustrator. Also, if it is possible at all to get bigger handles.

Thanks in advance!


Keyboard shortcuts make living in Adobe so much easier.

I see you have most of them, but just to have a list:

  • P = Pen tool
  • + = Add Point
  • - = Remove Point
  • Shift+C = Convert Anchor Point tool
  • Ctrl+J = Join two points
  • \ = Line Segment tool
  • M = Create rectangle
  • L = Create ellipse

While using the Pen tool, Shift locks into specific angles, Alt gives you quick access to the Convert Anchor Point tool, and Ctrl lets you move the whole object you’re working on.

While creating rounded rectangles, polygons, or stars, see what happens when you use the up/down/left/right arrows as well as Ctrl and Alt for the stars.

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