Tips in how to create a site like Apple in Photoshop

I want to create a website with the same style as the Apple website.

Where should I start?

For the ones who don’t know, this is the style I’m looking for:

Being a photoshop beginner, I don’t know where to start and I can’t find any tutorial.



Pekkas comment is where you need to focus on. Consider his recommendation to split the project into tasks. Pekka allready told you where to start:

  • layout.

after that you go on with the next logical task. -your choice- color palette, menu (&sitemap), buttons etc. You can come up with this tasks automatically if you actually start thinking about layout and your site as a project.

What is the content of the site? Who is my typical user? Students? Artists? Hairdressers? Ask yourself questions that help you define what design elements are necessary and how they should be placed and accessed. Then comes the graphical part where you get to choose a general style and look, how to apply it and compare how others did it on their projects.

The posted link to the tutorial on the other hand offers no chance to really learn about the actual design process where YOU decide.

The answer provided by Jack feels wrong. A bit like the fastfood version of an answer to your question. Following tutorials mechanically lets very little room for progress. You get more tech savvy but that’s about it.

Jacks answer is valid but takes you down a wrong path, IMO. I hope this comes not of as a rant.

Source : Link , Question Author : donald , Answer Author : leugim

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