Tips on saving multiple document versions

I’m a designer and have recently got a job creating merchandise for the music industry.

I have to create product ranges alongside our clients – creating PSD mock ups and technical sheets for perhaps 10 different products, that then need to be saved as PDFs so our clients can view them. Often i’m using art work that is already created by clients who are not designers, which i then have to make work for the product. I am showing mock ups to my client, team members and manufacturers who all want it in a different format.

Im faced with multiple changes (requested by the client) in both colour, design style and size – up to ten changes for a single logo on a hat. At the moment, i’m creating a new PSD file (V1, V2 etc) each version of a product (and saving as a jpg for the manufacturer who will only make one or two of the products). I then turn each file into a single document PDF using the batch option in photoshop for the client. This obviously creates lots of old versions of the PSD & JPG docs and PDFs and i have to go into each individual file and make multiple tweaks before resaving everything twice as PSD, reopening all the lastest PSDs and saving as a multi page PDF. It feels like a clunky way to manage the projects and makes it easy to miss a file and have an old document in circulation, leading to mistakes. I keep the old documents as clients sometimes revert back to a previous versions and i dont want to have to re-do work.

I have asked my bosses to send out a proper brief for the clients, giving me all the specific information so that we have less changes but they wont use it, as as i’m new i don’t want to press to hard on this (yet!).

Im wondering if anyone has a better work flow for this kind of project? Or any tips or tricks to making this process easier?


Versioning will always be a thing, you’ll rarely if ever get it done in one go.

Your method sounds good but if you are accidently getting an old document into circulation then that’s on you to be more vigilant.

Always rename the “new” old file to become the newest file version. So if you revert to V2 and make changes or don’t, copy it and make the newest V#.

File management is tedious and a hassle but it is necessary.

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