Transform many squares into circles

I would like to create a highly stylized QR code. Namely, I want to transform all of the squares into circles (diameter = square width).


Does Illustrator have a built-in means for a task like this? For the isolated squares, it doesn’t seem too daunting, but when many squares are stacked together, it creates a solid irregular shape which seems to pose a greater challenge.

The file I’d be working with is a .PNG exactly like the one below, not an existing .AI file.

enter image description here


  • Menu File > Place > place the image in an Illustrator document
  • Select the image
  • Menu Object > Create Object Mosaic > Number of Tiles = the same number of squares the image has (63×63)
  • Deselect the image and select it again
  • Menu Object > Ungroup
  • Menu Effect > Convert to Shape > Ellipse > Absolute = the small square size




Source : Link , Question Author : Arash Howaida , Answer Author : Community

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