Trying to Create a Preset in AI That Gives Object Strokes a Hand Drawn, Blueprint Drafting Sketch Style

I’ve been working on a few logo ideas for a friend’s company in my spare time; for one of them I wanted to have the logo look like it was sketched out first and then given an outline – like it’s a drafting sketch (see the attached photo).A close-up of part of the logo

I did it by splitting the logo up at it’s corners, lengthening the line segments and applying one of several “sketched lines” brushes I made. While this achieved the desired affect it wasn’t the most elegant solution. Now I’d like to try duplicating this effect on text but I’d prefer to do it by creating a graphic style (or another type of preset like a brush) so I can test it out on different fonts without spending hours working with each individual line myself. The problem I kept running into is at the corners where the sketch lines continue past the connecting perpendicular line; I can’t think of a way to create that effect without splitting up the object and extending the lines. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Possible solution may be a Scatter Brush.

If you create a “sketchy” brush as a Scatter Brush then set it to be relative to the path, you can get close. Every corner looks similar, but I think this is as close as you can get with any sort of “automated” method.

Add an additional stroke and apply the scatter brush. Without the base stroke you get a very patterned, choppy, base path. (Scribble on the base path may help as well.)

enter image description here
Right-click/Control-click and choose open image in new window/tab to see it larger

This is quick and dirty, without any great refinement. And there are areas of concern, like that odd rotation on the corner of the T. But it looks to be a promising method to explore. I can’t think of any way, other than brushes, to get overshot corners without cutting paths.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nettles , Answer Author : Scott

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