Trying to realise my goal (a new way of thinking) [closed]

I’m trying to find the fastest way, to draw on a high-end level. I am decent in Photoshop, but find myself using a lot of time with details and cleaning up my drawing.

So I started to research and I found Illustrator… learned the basics, and encountered the problem that every vector should be closed. And that’s a problem for me, because it means I might as well draw in Photoshop, because I still need to draw an extra line and add an unknown number of layers to the drawing in order to reach a complex goal in Illustrator.

THEN I FOUND LIVE PAINT AND MAKE LIVE! Such wonderful idea, but sadly it doesn’t give my Photoshop skills the tools they need (since it seems that only a weak base color and some gradient can be used).

Long story longer… I wonder if it’s possible to draw for example a complex AND realistic face with gradients in Illustrator? I found some guides and found them very realistic (mostly flames).

Link to the tutorial:–vector-4349

But can those techniques be placed on a face, to reassemble a realistic color scheme? Can gradients be used together with live paint, on the same level as the guide, or should I only focus on the gradients? (it seems to be a thing to learn for itself).

If so: Do I then have like 1000 weird shadows, due to the edges of the strokes, i’m using? and do I need strokes upon strokes?

In the end my simple question is… Can I ever reach the skills required to draw realistic monsters like the ALIEN? or should I just go back to Photoshop and its layer system.

I can’t seem to find my way, all I know is, that if this does work, I could save 3–5 hours next time I need to draw something, while still being satisfied with the result.

Please guide me.


This is more like a long comment.

Moving from pixel graphics and natural media thinking to vector graphics is a huge mental leap to quite many users*. It takes some effort about a month or 2 of very intense effort to really get into it. The fastest way to learn is to actually start from scratch.

  1. Every vector does not have to be closed.
  2. Live paint is not very great, instead its much better to use shape builder. If you double click on the tool you get to adjust the gap detection in settings. So no to fill even then your lines do not need to meet.
  3. You can do realistic faces with vector graphics using gradient mesh tool search and you’ll find a lot of examples.

But theres no reason why you can not do both work in illustrator and Photoshop.

* Its a bit like moving to 3d graphics

Source : Link , Question Author : Kim Allan Moberg , Answer Author : joojaa

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