turn 2D logo into 3D voxel logo

I have a 2D logo that I would like to make into a 3D “voxelized” logo. This website shows exactly what I mean…

… it turns an ordinary image into a voxelized image…

enter image description here

… however, the downside is that I need to provide a 3D model for it to render. Instead, I’d like to know if there are resources out there to turn a logo into a voxelized 3D version. Are there special Photoshop/Illustrator effects that can assist me in this? Is there software out there that can extrude a 2D vector into a 3D model and voxelize it automatically?

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.



Voxels are by definition 3 dimensional elements but your graphic has no 3 dimensional information to it. You will need to somehow define 3D information for your shapes.

One simple approach would be to import your vector image into a 3D tool (3ds max, Maya, Blender, etc.) and extrude the shape. However the 3D model generated this way may not look like what you intend. Specifically, it will look like a cookie-cutter of your logo pushed onto a flat surface.

If the look you want is more like rounded blobs, well that is much more complicated to do. There isn’t really an easy way to accomplish that, it requires some non-trivial work to model.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hristo , Answer Author : jhocking

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