Turning Multiple Vector Paths into a Solid Object/Image

I’m having troubles trying to figure out how to make a complete object/image with NO pen tool paths or anchors etc…

I have a vector tree… theres lots of completed paths/shapes but still in path form.

How do I get all of them to be 1 solid item so that I can color and then emboss the entire thing? Every time I emboss due to tons of parts it wigs out.

I’ve been searching everywhere… Do I need to go through and select each little complete path… and outline it?

End goal: Still technically a vector object but 1 solid object able to be filled and then embossed. I can do it all in PS!


“with NO pen tool paths or anchors etc…”

that is not possible.

Off-hand I’d say select everything and click the Unite button on the Pathfinder Panel (Window > Pathfinder)

Source : Link , Question Author : RUBYHAUS , Answer Author : Scott

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