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I’m not an expert in graphic design, but I have some basic knowledge. So I would like to ask some typeface choice recommendations. I’m designing a website for a potter where he will present his work and probably sell products. As a pottery website, it’s important for him to preserve the ‘traditional’ value of handmade products, while giving it a fresh and modern style to it (avoid making it look too ‘old’). For example, every product sold by him is a handmade product, they can look similar between them (for example, same pots thrown at the potters wheel) but if you look into the details every one of them is different and ‘unique’.

I thought a good choice might be a humanist sans-serif typeface, because it represents this combination of modern yet ‘handmade looking’ style. Maybe pairing it with an old-style or transitional serif? What do you think?


I recommend Freight Sans, a humanist sans-serif.

enter image description here

It’s quite open and a little bit lighter than most body text typefaces on the web. So it feels very fresh to me. It’s used as the body text on stratechery.com, for example, and I think it looks really good there. It feels like a good balance between hand-made and fresh and modern, and feels very premium.

As for a serif, you might like English Engravers, a delicate serif inspired by arts and crafts hand lettering of the early twentieth century:

enter image description here

And it may not be quite what you were asking for but I really think you might like the light italic styles of FF Kaytek Slab, a new slab serif typeface, for headings. It’s part of a family but its light italic weights again have the freshness I think could suit your clients, it feels like it takes inspiration from hand lettering like on blueprints without taking it too far and becoming cheesy.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : adrian , Answer Author : Copilot

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