Typographic styling when writing about UX elements

Any thoughts, standards, or good practices on typographical styles to set off UI text in a user manual?

For example, how to style the text of the label on a button in:
“Press the Submit button.”

Or styling the text of labels and input values:
“Select Gluten Free from the dropdown menu. Then enter I also don’t eat soy. in the Notes box.”

To be clear — I’m not asking about designing the UX. I’m asking about typographical styles in a document about the UX.


It is a little hard to give an answer to this without pending a little into the opinion factor. But well, what i usually do, and often see others doing as well, is using bold for stuff the user must FIND onscreen/somewhere, while using italics for emphasize and for prompt.

Using your example:

Select Gluten Free from the dropdown menu. Then enter “I also don’t
eat soy.”
in the Notes box.

bold being a look for prompt, and italic being an emphasis

Source : Link , Question Author : Adam Michael Wood , Answer Author : Lucas Flicky

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