Typography/Character ID; Semicircle with bracket

I’m in the process of converting the short story “The Region Between” by Harlan Ellison (part of the collection Five Fates), and among the many formatting nightmares, including a page written in a spiral, I’ve also come across this strange symbol:

What is it?

In the story, it’s used as an alien symbol. I’m guessing it’s supposed to represent some sort of editing symbol or bullet, but I can’t find it in charmap or with google searching. The book is from the sixties, so it’s possible it’s no longer in use. It’s also worth noting that while it looks like two symbols, they’re pretty close together compared with the regular kerning between characters.

I was originally thinking I could do a semicircle bullet next to a square bracket but the mystery symbol isn’t quite a semicircle; it’s about a third of a semicircle that, if whole, would be taller than the rest of the line.

If anyone knows what the symbol is so I don’t have to inline the image it would make my eBook look a lot cleaner. Thanks in advance!


It looks like some stylized form of a pilcrow sign U+00B6 ¶ PILCROW SIGN or rather the earlier capitulum U+2E3F ⸿ CAPITULUM.

See the Wikipedia article on Pilcrow.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vanguard3000 , Answer Author : Wolff

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