UI Mockup and wireframing tool for Mac OS X app UI’s [closed]

I’m looking to get some input from experienced designers, since my main job revolves around coding and not so much designing…

What good tools are out there that one can use to mockup some os x style interfaces? Something more modern would be preferable, not a tool that was the bees knees back in 2006 or something.

Also if it’s a mac app, then even better. Thanks in advance!


I think this question has been asked before but I haven’t found it yet and if you do a google search for wireframing tools or mockup tools you will get a huge list to go through. That said some people use Omnigraffle for mockup which if I had to use I would.

Other tools:

Depending on what you are doing and have a decent amount of design skills I would create your own mockup in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Edit per your comment

Thanks Gramps. The reason I asked was because of the overwhelming
amount of these tools available, I’m trying to find the best one used
my most designers. Much as Photoshop and Illustrator are the defacto.

Some would say Onmigraffle or balsamiq are the most popular but if you are worried about the design I would consider you implement designing in the browser because it would result in the best possible output and would be easier when transitioning from the mockup to a working site. Just be aware there will always be some variance from design on paper to actual code. Dont worry about the CSS or visuals something along this line that works on the intended device:

enter image description here

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