Under whose name does an outsourced graphic designer go?

I have a web design company. For artistic graphics I hire a Graphic Designer to do it for me.
Obviously it hurts my business if it is known that I outsource so the designer uses an email address from my company and not her own Graphic Design company.

Is it normal to expect only my signature logo at the bottom of the graphics and there should be no reference to her own company at all? The same goes for her Graphic Design company, can I expect her not to link to work she does for my company on her portfolio?



Don’t try to trick your clients.

Deception is for governments and big corporations.

If you are providing a service to your clients and the freelancer merely augments that service then you have nothing to hide. I tell my clients up front that I work with sub-contractors who are among the best talent available: developers, writers, photographers, even other designers.

If you are doing nothing but collecting the mark-up, your business model is doomed. Nobody wants to work with middle men any more.

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