Unique opportunities for Electrical Engineers turned into Graphic Designers

If an Electrical Engineering Graduate with no job experience learns and starts doing image Graphic Designing on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc, what unique opportunities in Graphic Design domain could he capture for having a background in Electrical Engineering? In other words, how can he make the best of the both world?


I’m a big fan of multidisciplinary work so I really like how you’re trying to make the best of both worlds.

One potential area that I see is work with conductive inks and hybrid media. As both an electrical engineer and a graphic designer, it seems like you could be an asset as an hired consultant for people who want to inject some interactivity in their paper-based pieces.

Conductive inks allow graphic pieces to introduce capacitative touch, electrolumniscent designs, indicators relevant for smart packaging, and more.

Some examples:

Most of these examples are eye-catching but if you’re more practical in nature, there is a lot of potential for conductive inks in the food and pharma sectors (displaying freshness, keeping track of use, etc.)

While conductive inks have been discussed for a while, their implementation has been challenging and they’re still not commonly seen in 2019. However, you should have no problem finding conferences discussing them; I ran into many of them just writing this short answer.

See a recent market report for conductive inks here.

One of the design firms that seem to come up a lot is Novalia, based in the UK. Their site also has a lot of links to talks related to interactive paper-based projects.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hasan Shaukat , Answer Author : curious

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