Upper and lower parts of k and j – do they have a name?

Some lowercase Latin letters have parts that go over/under the text line: compare w with k and j.

The k has an upper part, and the j has a lower one. Do these parts have a name?


In typography:

. The ‘Baseline’ is the (usually imaginary) line that most of a documents text/characters are sitting on.

. The ‘Capline’ is the (usually imaginary) line that marks the top of capital letters as well as the top of some lower case ascenders.

. The ‘X height’ is the (usually imaginary) line that marks the height part of the lower case letters disregarding the ascenders.

SO –

. Ascenders : part of a lower case letter that rises above the X-Height.

. Descenders : part of a letter that extends below the baseline.

I used the link provided by Billy Kerr for help with definitions : https://www.canva.com/learn/typography-terms/

Hopefully this is a helpful summation of a few terms and specifically ascenders / descenders in typography.

Source : Link , Question Author : john c. j. , Answer Author : Fauxlosophy

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