Usage of blank space in trade banner and text-positioning

and thanks for your continued feedback on my trade banner that I am creating for my friend pro-bono. I’ve consolidated all the feedback from to create the below:

My issues at the moment:

  • Still a bit clueless about what to put in the empty space and its been bothering for the best part of a few days. Any ideas? The company in respect is building a no-code development platform.

  • Text all around the middle looks a bit claustrophobic, maybe my mind doesn’t like the centering of the first two blocks and the left alignment of the bullet points. There’s too much space to the right of the left justified stuff. I’ve mooted centering the text and dropping the icons but then I lose some colour as a result.

Note that the empty space below the logo is intentionally left blank (that’s where the roll up holders will sit).

enter image description here

Image with borders:

enter image description here


This is merely my opinion… take it all with a grain of salt.

Realize that I know nothing about your company, it’s audience, the target market, the nature of the trade show. What you sell, what you profit from, who your owners are.. etc…. all of this helps target a design.

I have merely focused on visual elements in your given image. This is a visual rework, not a marketing rework, which may or may not be needed.

I think overall… it’s a boring design. It’s not a bad design, by any means. It’s just not very enticing or interesting. Everything is centered, flat, straight on. Nothing to promote motion or interest.

I actually, thought your original banner was far more engaging due to angles and minimalism. This one….. looks like 80% of the trade show banners I’ve ever seen…. nothing to make me walk across the room.

I think you should stick closer to your instincts as shown in your first design.

  • Use angles to promote “action” and “movement”.
  • Use color to pull the eye around
  • Don’t be afraid of being “bold” with large, prominent type.

enter image description here

Merely suggestions….

Source : Link , Question Author : methuselah , Answer Author : Scott

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